Whats the difference between IPS TN and VA

I know the differences between the three as far as colour reproduction, response time, etc. what I want to know is what is how do they accomplish this. Are the Liquid crystals different or the polarizers? Is it just a difference in the control boards and how the the TFT substrate is controlled. I just haven't been able to figure out the details on what makes the Different technologies work.

i dont know much about va but
ips has better color reproduction and darker blacks and brighter overall and better veiwing angle with the trade off of bad refresh rate and not the best lag.
tn is good for low lag and high refresh rate. 6bit vs 10bit bandwidth so tn will always be faster then ips.
what little i know of va is they are slow and i play cs so at that point i stopped reading or caring.

sorry you must not have read the full question or maybe I wasn't super clear. my question is not about the benefits of the three but more about how they obtain the benefits. like what is the makes them better at what they do.

In short - all of them are liquid crystal display technology. The difference being the way they polarize the liquid crystal in the display to let light go through.
In long - TN is a way to polarize a crystal, so it lets the light pass through. It basically presses the liquid crystal between two glass plates and applies electrical field to it. That way the liquid crystal molecules order themselves to let certain light through the crystal. If it is on - it let's light through by being ordered. If it is off - there is disorder in the molecules and the light is stopped entirely.
IPS on the other hand have an extra electrode, otherwise it's pretty much the same technology. Still uses alignment of liquid crystal molecules to let light through. The thing is, having the extra electrode consumes more power, and the electrodes are always on to e certain degree, and this is why we see a backlight bleed. Because of the inherent technology thing, not really a quality or something else. The IPS have an extra electrode and controls the crystal more precise, and that is why the colors are better.
Now VA... not a clue. I only know it stands for Vertical Alignment... So probably some other way of controlling the liquid crystal molecules - i don't really know.


Thanks that is helpful.

I would look up the technology on wikipedia. I'm sure you'd get details about how the technology works there.