What's the best way to use a 32GB mSATA drive?

My cousin gave me her old Dell XPS 15 L521X, which came with a 32GB mSATA + 750GB HDD running at RAID with the SSD serving as cache. It was “broken”, but she gave me her blessing to sell it to our youngest cousin if I ever managed to fix it. I have a few SSDs lying around so I put my old 256GB 850 Pro on it, and decided to take out the mSATA SSD (just to make it a little less confusing for my cousin).

Now, I’m not sure what to do with that. I have an old T510 that I upgraded with 250GB Adata SSD, and took out the WiFi card (and switched to an external WiFi). IIRC, I can put an mSATA onto that slot where WiFi was at? Think I should put the 32GB mSATA on my T510 and use it as SWAP?

It’s good as a “boot drive” for a router/NAS/HTPC… probably plenty of space for a basic Linux desktop.

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It’s not possible. The slot for the wifi card is wired for PCIe while the mSATA slot is wired for, you guessed it, SATA. So, even if the sockets are compatible, the pinout is different.

As Risk said it can make for a good boot drive alternative for a True NAS/Proxmox (or similar) boot drive.

What are you into? What projects are you working on at the moment? That could help us figure out a good use for it.