i heard alot about ssd's and want to buy one BUT:


Wich one is the best and dont cost me over 150€/USD (f***** budget problems)?

pls help me



Depends on the size you want, but for that price id get a 128GB Samsung 840 Pro or an OCZ Vector


dont care about the size. so u recommend it?

I would get the OCZ vector 128Gb in that price range, I reccomend you mainly use it as a boot drive and store the occasional game on it nothing more, solid states work best with less on them.

I recommend the Adata XPG SX900.  It's a fast and reliable drive.  It's siginificantly under your budget as well.


I'm not sure where you are located, so I left a link to a USA vendor.  If this doesn't work for you, just search for this SSD on your favorite site.

Also, if you can afford to spend a little more, I would go with this SSD instead.  It offers much more space for not much more money than the other drive.


I´ve had Corsair Force 3 128 Gb SSD for 4 years now. Still maintaining high read/write after the countless of formats and torrenting i´ve done into it.


It defidently has reliability which i value the most in products i buy. 

Another option is Intel 520 series drives which will be my next SSD as i´ve found out it to be most reliable on the market.


Good Luck!

thanks for all replys. realy helped me