Whats Qain obsession with skynet?

Qain mentions skynet alot.....ALOT


Just saying.

What, a man can't be skeptical of his surroundings?Lol.

im more interested in Qains laptops and what he does on em o.o

It's misdirection.  He is actually a T-27 prototype built to lay the groundwork for the coming rise of the machines by infiltrating the part of society most likely to form the resistance, and sabotaging it from within.  Why do you think he always wears sunglasses?  It's to hide the distinctive red tint in his eyes that would otherwise be a dead giveaway of his synthetic origins. 

The clues are all there people.  You just have to look!

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I mean what is your not obsession with skynet.......

 https://imgflip.com/i/5qi5s I made this

I wouldn't call it an obsession.

And I only mention it when it's relevant. 


You know Skynet is coming right? Qain is aware, so should you. Seriously though, war is becoming more and more push button, bot kills enemy. Its only a matter of time before this gets an automated system, then an A.I. to run that system...boom skynet.

This guy knows what's up