What's on your usb?

I have started to keep a usb on my key ring with a heap of useful programs that I use when debugging systems or fixing things and was wandering if any one else keeps a usb of similar programs and if you do what programs do you keep?

I have a bunch of sysinternals tools
- ProcessExplorer
- ProcessMonitor
- PSTools
- RAMMap
- TSPView
- Autoruns


Dot Net redistributable exe

Magic disc (for mounting iso files)



IIS meta data reader

LinqPad and I bunch of C# and SQL code I have written for sorting out different issues.

What ever random daily files i need to transfer between my laptop and desktop. My network router isn't strong enough to to it that way.

mostly just class notes and a few PS files that i need to work on.

Out of all 8 flash drives, too much to list

for me its more like what isn't on your usb, I carry 3 64GB flash drives with me everywhere I go

Fight Club 720p. That's it.

I have a 64GB drive with around 15 different OS installations on it.

Also, why is this in the "Code" section.

One for Arch, one for #!, one for Antergos, one with an LVM, one with document backups, one with playlist backups, and one with an .iso of my main installation and core software/configs.

Powerpoint project

Text document with random notes

Dark City

And some random pictures from the interwebz.

Sadly my pc doesn't have usb 3, so it took me like 30 minutes to transfer the movie to my usb :(

Ive got hirens boot cd on my thumb drive a couple different drivers for video cards and a Firefox installer.


A bootable copy of puppy linux.

I carry a 32gb USB 3.0 Patriot Xporter with a TON of stuff on it way to long to list but these are the biggies... 

Katana 3.0 

Bootable Backtrack 5 



Solidworks 2013

Adobe Master Suite CS6

VLC Media Player

CC Cleaner




All episodes of Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, Stargate, and Battlestar Galactica etc... 

Starcraft, Halo Combat Evolved, Sins of A Solar Empire, and a whole bunch of indie games




hahahaha...2 thumbs up!!!

God, why Backtrack5?

Why whats wrong with Backtrack 5? I love it....