Whats a good headset for gaming that doesnt have a mic?

Im looking at getting a ModMic 4 0 and I want to get a good sounding headset. my budget is around 75$ but I can go over a little bit (to like 110 or so).

Any suggestions?

Philips SHP9500. Build quality is a bit cheap but they are suuuuper comfy and you won't get more sound for less money anywhere.

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I have a spare pair of AudioTechnica ATH-M50's you can have if youre interested. Can be sent to you with tracking.

Alternately the cans above would do the job, or there are these

I can vouch for these. Best bang for the buck, and can often be found on newegg's for $60

The Statis Audio OB1 would be perfect for gaming, that plus a ModMic would be perfect.

would i actually be able to just have them or how much would i have to pay for them?


Cover the shipping + 20 USD and theyre yours. Shipping would depend on your location, I'd have to go get a quote.

do you have a twitter or something for me to message you on and give my my address and talk about it?

No, but you can send me a private message on the forum - click on my forum name and select send message - only I will be able to see it.

I would suggest buying some proper audiophile headphones if you don't care about the Mic.
Honestly my Technics dj1210's have lasted me about 13 years now and the are still going strong with no major hiss or sound degradation "This could be due to the fast I am a civilized human being who plays everything at normal levels to protect my ears and keep my Tinnitus levels low".

Any quality audio production headphones should be better than a gaming headset, IMO of course. I'm not a reviewer so there might be a few sets out there that prove me wrong but I've had Razer, Kingston and other lesser known branded headphones and they are all garbage compared to my technics.