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What're You Listening To?

had a neat little idea where we have a thread where those who are interested can talk about music and share interests and shit.

might take off. might not. it's whatever man.


WYLT: Browsing a lot of this ambient vaporware reddit post. But currently listening to Trouble.

This is probably a very unpopular taste in music here, but I'm on a spree with Of Monsters and Men atm... Currently listening to Winter Sound.

Also taken a liking to Kodaline recently too, really like their In A Perfect World album.

i was on a OMaM binge a few months back. comfy shit. think i remember liking crystals, and obviously little talks.

cage the elephant is starting to become my new indie favorite though. i like the psychedelic shit.

There's a thread similar

Or one specifically relating to metal

welp that ends my contribution

I mean neither of those are really geared towards a discussion, so maybe gear this thread to discussion about music rather than people just posting YouTube/Soundcloud clips?

Im stuck in the OMaM binge myself... I cant find anything that comes close to itching th scratch that they do! Its been 5 months... Still trying to branch out with it lol

Crystals is amazing! Really liked Little Talks too, thats some real spine tingling stuff right there. I just love the stories all their songs tell, its like nothing Ive ever come across before.

nah. if there's already a thread then there's no point. i'll see if a mod can delete this or something.

the search continues

Locking thread as per OP's request.

As noted above, feel free to use these threads for 'what are you listening to' discussions: