What would be the best way for me to set up the monitors i have

I am going getting a room to have my setup,and i am trying to decide the best to setup my monitors.


The desk space i have is,a 6ft wide by 3ft deep desk(where i will have my main rig),a 5ft wide by 4ft table(my work bench for fixing pc's),and last i have this http://img1.targetimg1.com/wcsstore/TargetSAS//img/p/13/89/13892293.jpg ,which i will have all my extra pc's on running has headless servers.

Oh i almost forgot a coffee table,to have a TV on.


Now the screens i have is,a 32 inch JVC 1080p tv LCD(has vga,and HDMI),a 23 inch Samsung 1080p LCD monitor/tv(it has a tuner on it,has vga,dvi,hdmi),a 22 inch LG LCD screen(1080p,dvi.vga),2x 19 inch dell LCD screens(one working,one needs to be fixed,1280x1024,DVI,vga),a 19 inch phillips CRT (1280x1024,vga),17 inch dell LCD screen(1280x1024,vga,but needs power brick),17 inch HP LCD screen(1280x1024,vga,but needs power brick).


I think that is all,you may say not to use the old one's but i like to have as much space as i can get lol,cause there is time i feel cramped even on 3 screens lol.


Oh i almost forgot,my GPU is a XFX DD R9 270x 2GB

I don't know, I guess JVC on the coffee table; Samsung (with a DVI to DP adapter), LG and working 19" Dell on your main desk; CRT on the shelf (KVM) for use with your servers etc; and the HP and 17" Dell at your work bench.

Your call though.  Do whatever you feel works best for your needs.  It's not like you can't move things around if you don't like it.