What version of Windows 8?

Trying to decide between Windows 8 and Windows 8 Professional. I know Pro comes with a few extra features but I don't know if I'll end up using them (I game, record, stream, edit, and browse). It's a $40 difference which in my mind is beta for Planetary Annihilation plus some Station Cash for PS2, so if possible I'd like to save the money and snag those but at the same time I'll pay if I need to.

Thanks in advance for all responses,

~ Emo

Unless you fancy encrypting some of you files in windows 8, no it's not worth $40 extra.

How can encrypting W8 files help me? What does it do?



I have never looked into the differences in windows 8 but in previous operating systems, I have always gone for the pro veriant as addons are so useful from time to time as a power user.

Huh, I had to check to see what version I have... I upgraded during the 25 buck thingy, so yah, I got Pro for 25 bucks... Copy of 32 and 64 bit as well! :P Ummmm, but yah, you'll probably be fine with just Win 8 regular? Unless you just GOTTA have that pro thing... I know I was all proud of my Windows 7 Pro Signature Edition I got for hosting a launch party. :P

i'd say you won't lose much with not going  pro

i believe most of the things in pro can be done with free software

I don't think it's worth it.....I just switched to windows 8...and i tried out the pro before purchasing it and all the add-ons were more useless garbage