What type of router should i get?

Hey guys, I still have old router which is still 2.5ghz and only has 100mbps ports should consider a router upgrade. I was wondering if i should spend a lot of money on best router but i don't really think this is right ideas as new technologies is always happening. What is good overall router less than 150AUD which is dual band, i have NBN so ADSL is not needed as i presume i can connect to it to NBN box router into new router and should allow to be enter my ISP details. Does the different their of 5ghz wifi speed matter in real life?

If you need additional information feel free to ask as im not savvy in networking.


personally i have a ubiquiti edgerouter x and then a dedicated ubiquiti UAP as my network setup. i am considering a UAP Pro so i can add the 5Ghz spectrum to my network but havent had the funds to do it yet.

So how do add wifi this bad boy?

Uap is a wireless access point. If you already have a consumer router with wireless built in, you can turn off basically everything and have it act like an AP

But the fact i looking for dual band wifi as my current only has 2.5ghz.

Deploy a uap pro if you want dedicated hardware OR find a cheap consumer grade wireless router that has 5Ghz capability and then disable a lot of the server stuff (dhcp, ntp, firewall, etc) and then have it be your access point

I recommend the Ubiquiti Networks EdgeRouter Lite (ERLITE-3). I have deployed this router in eight different SMB networks, and have had no issues. It's alot easier to configure with the new firmware updates, as well. And, the NAT throughput is amazing for a commercial grade router that costs less than $100.

Just add an access point and you're in business!

Also, you could build a pfSense box if you're feeling like a good DIY project. That's what I have done for my home LAN.

Stay away from the Netgear N750. That thing is awful with WiFi coverage.

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@rockking @mwilsonii what are you guys using as a modem?

I have FTH in Chattanooga via EPB. If you're on cable, Netgear's most recent DOCSIS 3.0 modem, the CM600, is nice. The most important thing with a cable connection is the connection itself. If you're having issues you need to check your infrastructure. Make sure you're using good quality RG6 coax, and that the line has been split as few times as possible, and that there is a good ground at the junction box. Also, the connectors matter. Use good quality compression F ends for the best results.

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Yeah FTTx is a no go where I live. I'm under (A)DSL, plus the ISP hasn't really upgraded the infrastructure in like a decade at least. I was looking at setting up a custom setup: modem + router + AP.

Yeah, you'll have the best results that way. I swear by Ubiquiti products. But, there are many good options out there.

I've looked at EdgeRouter Lite and at the edgerouter x, they both seem really good products.

If you're using ADSL the EdgeRouter X will work great for you. The only reason I would recommend going with the ERLite-3 over the X would be if you had a fiber connection. Because the ERLite-3 has a much higher throughput than the X. But, the X will be excellent for an ADSL connection.

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Thanks a bunch. Any reccomendations on the modem side? I have an old Netgear DGN2200v4 that I can turn into just a modem.

My isp provided me with the arris cm820a

That's for coax. I'm looking for a DSL modem. But thanks anyway :)

Okay. Well that's what my modem is. My ISP is working on FTH deployment but it's gonna be a long time before I see it