What type of motherboard should I get. Please read description

I need a little help with what type of motherboard I should get. This is my first time building a PC and i'm not sure what type I should get. I am looking for a board that has WIFI and a optical slot. If you have any suggestions please leave a comment. If it helps here is a list of the parts i'm getting.


corsair CX750M power

MSI Geforce gtx 750 ti OC edition graphic card

cooler master hyper 212 evo

Corsair 2x4gb of RAN

OCZ Arc 100 240gb SSD

WD 2tb hardrive

Enermax Coenus case

DVD player

2 120mm fans

windows 8.1

This is a lttle off your topic but what is the Use case for this because that is a powerful CPU and a soso gpu. Gaming? Editing? Recording? Just lemme know cause even so that helps decide what mobo to go with. If you dont feel like listing that for whatever reason then I will say look for Z97 chipset at least.

I need it for gaming, editing videos, streaming/recording videos, and Photoshop. Right now i'm looking at a ASUS Z97-Deluxe and you said my gpu is soso, do you think it could run games like GTA?

ITX boards are the only motherboards that tend to have Wi-Fi cards built on to the motherboard. so if you Wi-Fi is something you want without spending an extra 50 bucks you'd have to go with a Mini-ITX Motherboard.

Here's a Motherboard I recommend

As for an Optical Drive. i don't know why you would want one, considering everything now-a-days comes digitally. but most cases are ridding of them. if you really must have a Optical drive you'd have to go Micro-ATX or ATX. but those motherboards don't have built in Wi-Fi. so you'd have to buy a separate Wi-Fi card.


well I will just say the 980Ti I have I use to game at 1080p (please noone comment on the res lets stay focuses) and maxed out it is a heavy load on even that card. Yes still playable but scale the card down to a 750 and you will be cranking down settings only to get probably under 60 fps. Now this is me assuming more or less as I dont have a 750 myself but I thought I would share that with you. I would look for an ATX Z97 board such as this one ( http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813128706 ) and get a better gpu such as the 970 and if the budget allows a kit of 2x8G Ram would help you a decent amount over the listed one.

Some ITX boards come with wifi/bluetooth built in, so look for that

Otherwise if you're in america the R9 280 is fairly cheap and beats the gpu you've got there by a decent amount I believe.

And you could just use linux wink**wink and not buy windows+dvd drive

Also if you really do end up buying windows just download the ISO off microsoft's website and use your key, no need for the dvd drive.

By optical did you mean optical audio port?

OK Thanks!

Im not the best of the best either so if someone else tell you different or even from reading my post you can never beat your own research. Best of luck to you! I wanna see the finished product posted here though haha

Well there are also normal ATX boards with build in wifi.
It just depends on the op´s budget, and which form factor he likes.

OK i'll let you know!

for the record how much are you willing to spend on your PC? and is it a gaming machine? or just for regular use?

ATX Motherboards with build in wifi

Asus Z97 Pro Wifi
Asus Maximus VII Formula
Asus Z97 Deluxe
Msi Z97 Mpower Max AC
Msi Z97 Gaming 9 ACX
Msi Z97 Xpower AC
Gigabyte Z97X Gaming G1 Wifi BK

But yeah these particular boards, do come with a premium price.

Did he want an Optical drive? or a Fiber Optic Audio port?

i'm not sure. that's why I'm asking what is the PC specifically for.

well I have around $600.00 to spend but I just need the motherboard and the possessor.

Here's some stuff i recommend. i checked out the ATX Wi-Fi boards and they are rip-offs to holy hell. almost the price of X99 boards. you're better off just getting a good board then getting an add-in wifi-card.

Here's some stuff i recommend

4690k is a good all-around CPU for anything you need to do. the i7 us really a waste of money if you aren't doing some professional tasks like video edting and stuff. your games won't really use those extra threads.

Purpose of gaming ~ high end cpu + low end gpu.... Makes zero sense.
Anyways, something like the Asus Z97-A is a great board to pair with a 4790k and has optical output. For wifi just grab a usb or cheap pcie wifi adapter.

Hey! I just wanted to let you know that my new PC is work great. I have been using it for a couple of weeks now and it's fantastic. Thank you for the advice, I really appreciated it.

Thats great to hear man, glad I could help ya out. It feels great doesnt it