What type of fans to use?

The system I'm building at the time features a Corsair H80i in a Push/Pull configuration and a GTX 760 Superclocked from EVGA (ACX Cooler model). I'm going to had a total of 6 fans to the build:

-Replace the stock H80i fans with two SP120 High Static, exhausting air out of the case (Push/Pull).

-Add two AF120 High Airflow to the top of the case, exhausting air out of the case.

-Add two AF140 High Airflow to the front of the case, blowing air to the inside of the case.

All of this will be done in the brand new Corsair Obsidian 450D.

So, my question is, considering the size of the case and the system built inside of it (please note I'm planning to SLI a pair of 760's down the road), is really necessary to use the High Performance Edition of all the mentioned fans, or are the Quiet Edition fans good enough for my system? Should I buy the HP ones and reduce the voltage if I'm not happy with the noise?

i to have been looking at fans for my new case, and it seem to be a compromise between higher rpm with higher air flow and lower rpm with lower air flow. some fans are getting slightly higher airflow at lower rpm due to the angle of the blades, if your like me and don't really care about a bit extra noise then go the higher air flow, u can always get your self a fan controller for around 30-60 bucks that will control 4-6 fans with a rating of around 20-30watt per channel. the solution i have gone for is to buy high cfm fans (130cfm at 3000 rpm) and make my self a fan controller/ rpm controller using a potentiometer. hope this helped

I understand what you mean, and I also prefer having good cooling performance, because noise won't kill my components, but unsafe temperatures will sure do. I just don't want to get unnecessary noise on my system. Probably, I should get some PWM 4-pin fan splitters for the High Performance ones and adjust the RPM's, or, like you said, do it with a fan controller. Could you reccomend me a 4-pin compatible fan controller for my 4 case fans? (I say 4 because de other two SP120's are connected to the pump unit of the H80i.)

 found some one else looking for the same thing  http://www.overclock.net/t/1333693/fan-controller-than-supports-4pin-pwm-fans





depending on where u live( for shipping cost) may add a little bit more to the cost.


couple sites to check and maby compare to ebay and so on.




just make sure the fans u have chosen don't exceed the rated wattage per channel of the fan controller.

Thank you, you helped me a lot!