What to upgrade?

Hey guys, Koala here. 

right now my rig is starting to slow down so its time for an upgrade but I don't really know to get. 

Here are the things I'm going to upgrade

AMD Phenom II 965x4 BE 

XFX 6870 (single fan)


Now here is my dilemma. I just overclocked my CPU to 3.8 but I have been looking at the 8350. My card I have heard is still pretty good and a lot of people tell me I the Card is fine and to just upgrade the CPU. I play a lot of different games including BF3, Cube world, Crysis 2, GTAIV (Heavily Modded) And a couple of other racing sims. for the GPU I was thinking of upgrading to the 760. So please guys help me out on this one :D. 

Also I play at 1080p.


Phenom is still a pretty good CPU for gaming. I would just grab the 760. In my opinion, the Phenom with a single 760 is a really good match.

Not everyone trusts this source. However, we can use it as an indicator. I am in no doubt that your GPU is a larger bottleneck than your CPU.


If you look at the bottom of this link, you will see that the 8350 does have better performance in gaming. Though, it is less of an increase than the GPU replacement.


That card (XFX 6870) is being bottloenecked by only haveing 1gb of vram bf3 @ 1080p use's 1.5gbs of vram.

Upgradeing your video card is going to give you better performance than upgradeing your cpu.