What to photograph

Don't get me wrong, I love photography. But I am not creative. I never know what to take a picture of. So, would you guys mind giving me advice on what to photograph?

Be original
Beaches, yourself, or anything anyone has done before.

I can't ever seem to get a nice picture of a beach. Perhaps because beaches are always so crowded by Los Angeles. I am not very good looking. I suppose I can try to look through other photos to get an idea.

Its not the beach its the ocean thats amazing,,,it like the most water ever.

Here's a few good starters

You can photograph anything, start with what you enjoy. Personally I like doing fashion and landscape :P

Street shows? LA seems to have those if you don't mind the smoking around them.

I'm not a photographer at all, but sometimes on the way to work I'll see a view that just looks picture perfect. Anything really. Random assortment of buildings or objects. A tank farm at a refinery early in the morning with the sun at the right angle. Whenever I see those ops I wish I had a camera with me just to capture it.

I guess what I'm saying is to not actively look for it. Opportunities pop up all the time. Just try to enjoy the beauty of your surroundings.

Ok, creativity is not something that somepeople have and some dont. It is not something that can be given. Each person is unique, yes? You see exeryone is truely creative but if you were a mask and paint your face all your life it will never show, beacuse you are too concerned with what others think of you. But why??? Why do you feel this obligation to defend your love of photography? Do you really? Now im curiousYou see you worry to much about receiving praise and fear the negatives not because you feel that these arent true but because somewhere deep down you have an overwelming pool of denial and axnieties about trying to fit it to the broken shoe of socity and you must ask WHY not to someone but to your self. You are all that matters, how you FEEL not how you WISH to feel just so someone might like you more. Ok hopefully you read some of this it was all just one thought with no edits so yea

I do love taking photos. It is just that I have only been taking photos of plants and closeups in nature. Those got dull, especially living in a huge city where there isn't much nature to be found. I was just walking around in the same area for quite some time.

Have you ever had a nice discussion with a friend? Take pictures that would tell that story.
Any other story that's on your mind would work.

Play with water. Without the camera. Then salt water. Then water and salt water together. Then water and salt water and wine.
Anything that's caught your imagination.

Go to events. Ones where people are smiling, and ones where people are crying.

Accept that everything you do when you start is probably going to be garbage. Not that that's a constant, but that you will likely get better, in your own mind, as time goes on.

Alright. Great advice; thanks!

You just have to develop your own style, and niche; if you're interested in computers or their componentry develop a photographic-style around that field.

I participate in a community workshop (similar to MakerSpace), and I'm often called upon to take photographs of the members creations.

Pictured below: I'd machined the timber shaft myself to restore an old magneto (the 17mm Ø shaft had to be non-conductive, and was cut to a 40mm final-length)

Sky/Clouds, Sunsets, Trees, Animals, People, Water/Lakes/Rivers, small objects, etc.
Grab your camera, mybe a tripod aswell and just point it at something and take a photo. Low light photoghraphy combined with movement can also result in awsome pictures.
Tip: Do not try to look up great photos.

There are a couple of challenges I set myself from time to time. Like for example when you are at home or in a Hotel room.
It may seem like a really boring place but just try and find something interesting about it. Look for the details. What makes a place what it is. Get up close with objects and try a different angle than your eye-level.
I find that this helps me see details when I am out shooting. Especially for street photography.

Or even when you are out and find something really not interesting just try and find something interesting about it, there is almost always something.

Just make sure you have your camera on you in your daily life. When you are just going about your day and you happen to see something that strikes you as photogenic, snap a dozen shots.

A bit of a necro this one. The OP isn't really expecting further feedback I think. So I'm going to take this one to the grave lol