What to expect from a monitor repair

so i kinda sat on my hands with this dead monitor for months because i wasnt really bothered by the loss of it, but i think ill finally take it into the repair shop next week. expectation is its a dead cap issue preventing it from powering on so the repairs cheap, but if thats the case should i expect more issues from it in the short to medium term?

What’s the monitor? It may not even be worth repairing, also there a probably very few places that will try and fix them.

already got a quote for £40 if its that issue, monitors a 27" korean 1440p IPS display

I don’t see why not then, seems pretty reasonable.

As for reliability that’s up in the air, but hell if you can squeeze some life back into it for that amount do it.

what im wondering is if its worth a punt just repairing it and selling it. in all honesty i just dont need it, my needs have changed dramatically in the last few months to the point where im not even sure i want a desktop for anything other than a home theatre and office work setup. given that ive got a perfectly good main monitor ive been thinking of just selling it once its working and shoving the money towards my other interests.

obviously i dont wanna sell someone something thats likely to break soon though, so i wonder if i should be wary of one dead cap being a sign of things to come.

I used to own a cheap Samsung which progressively powered on slower and slower until it one day didn’t. Googled model and issue and found plenty of similar posters followed by picture guides of replacing the typical bad cap. Pretty lucky, it was the exact cap and was visually bulging/leaking.
Anyway, I replaced it easily with a slightly beefed up similar cap (just what I had) and had no following issues at all, replaced monitor years later for better picture quality.

In my single experience it’s well worth a shot.

usually blown caps are a sign that the device has taken a surge and can be repaired as long as the capacitance value is the same you can up the voltage rating a little bit without harming it.
but watch for heat damage to the board under resisters and diodes these may need replaced also