What to do with a Sapphire AMD Radeon 5450?

So I was searching around for a new mouse and I found a guy on ebay who was selling a new G500 with a new Sapphire 5450(I got them very cheap). My question is what do I do with a such a device? Frame it? Hoard it and keep it mint for 30 years and sell it for a billion dollars in 2043? Pull a Logan and turn it into a coaster? Sell it? Shoot it from a home made cannon and post teh video on youtube?

Suggestions as always would be great! 

put it in a HTPC or server

I do not have that. And that would inquire me to spend more money to build one. Maybe in the summer, but god suggestion.

If the card it dead, make a frisbee <3

You could donate to me, yea... Send to Croatia, I give you the adress... Then I would save alot of cash... But I doubt you would... mmmm.. :P xP X_X

beer coaster?

Mold it in a clear acrylic / glass casing and the use it for a coaster, that way it stays in  mint condition and you can sell it for billions later