What to do with 60GB SSD?

I have spare 60GB SSD sitting around. Is there anything a spare SSD can be really good for? 

Extra programs or a multplayer game that you play often..  Or a boot drive for another os linux or whatever

My first SSD which is also a 60GB went into a small travel laptop that was slow. Save it for something like that perhaps. Every system you use deserves an SSD.

put it in an external enclosure and make it into a live boot drive with diagnostics tools and fun stuff using sardu or rmprepusb


buy and old second hand thinkpad, like a thinkpad t61 (+-$100) and build yourself the perfect linux playground

you could use it as reliable storage for the names you add to the ... note.

I have a spare 1TB Silicon Power HDD that I turned into a media center by sharing the folder with my Router and a wii Homebrew Program call WiiMC.