What to do about Comcast and Internet Freedome

OK so it is apparent that the FCC doesn't want to re-class ISPs as title 2. and It is clear that the big ISPs wont compete or work to improve service, customer service and continues to bully other companies like Netflix and  Google while pushing for "Fast Lanes" and other terrible things that threaten the Internet. Since it is apparent that the FCC is so in bed with the Big ISPs that they wont force them to change what should we do?


What if the focus from hounding the FCC for over site and regulation was shifted to the DOJ it was demand that they break up Comcast. Fracturing this juggernaut would immediately force the new smaller companies to begin competing with each other. This competition would solve almost all of the ISP problems that we are facing today. Prices would fall and service would improve as the new smaller ISPs clammer for customers. Regional agreements locking communities into exclusive servicing agreements would be dissolved or at least be renegotiated. The ISP would no longer have the clout needed to bully other independent companies and would lessen the FCCs resistance to much needed change. Comcast is the 900 pound gorilla and if that were to happen the other "Big" ISP would quickly rethink business models. 


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I have a question. I follow the whole discussion about the Comcast/TW net neutrality thing and it's really interesting and certainly a very important topic. But how could the cable providers get into this powerfull position in the first place?

I think the only reason that keeps our european ISP's from turning completely evil for now is the competition beteween DSL and Cable. Why is DSL not a thing in North America? Here in Europe, Cable and DSL compete at pretty much the same speeds, with cable offering slightly lower upload speeds at this point.
But both technologies can offer triple-play services (Telephone, Internet, TV). Speeds range between 6 Mbps and up to 100 Mbps for DSL, and 10 Mbps and 150 Mbps for cable.
I was curious so I checked the AT&T website and their "Elite" offering is 6 Mbps. ???
Why is nobody actually competing with the cable companies by offering a similar service using a different technology? This is not even about upgrading the infrastructure, I for example can get 100 Mbps DSL to my home over copper.

Can anyone enlighten me on that?