What to do about activating windows in gaming VM?

Hey guys,

I just set up GPU passthough for the first time and have near everything working. Just one last hurdle. What to do about windows activation? Do I just not activate the VM and not care about losing updates after a bit? I had an OEM install on the PC I have passthough on I hoped it would be as easy as saying I changed hardware, but that does not seem to work.

Are key selling websites worth looking into or just buy though windows store?

Edit: If I were to buy a retail copy of windows 10 and had to rebuild the vm could i reuse the license? Is there a limit to the number of times I can?

Which version of Windows ?

I don’t want to assume Windows 10, but if it is then I think it will just show the Activate Windows watermark forever.

As for other alternatives that you mentioned, here is my example.

I purchased an OEM disc and key from Amazon and the key didn’t work.

I ended up getting one from one of these sites and it worked just fine so I’ve continued to do the same for the past few years and I’m going to keep doing that from now on.

Windows 10

if it bothers you you can buy windows 10 key for a few bucks on ebay or amazon.

kinguin has been okay for me but OEM keys don’t always work on first try; you have to do phone activation

Morally a key for a physical system should activate a VM, and just need the activation, similar to when one changes motherboard.
I wanted to keep my key separate so spent a couple of bucks to buy a key from a marketplace sponsoring a YouTube channel I watch- there are a few.
Technically, Microsoft might say every system needs it own discreet license, and if you are not an official system builder, you need to buy a retail license at full MS price.
But they would count changing a PCIE card as a new system…

my vm was immediately active as soon a purchase a key.