What to buy? Nexus 9 or Galaxy Tab S 8.4


So I would need some advice about which tablet to buy. I have narrowed my choices to HTC Nexus 9 and Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4. I know the specs of both devices and all, but what I need from you is that someone who has any of those tablets to answer me some questions or post pictures.

  1. Are you satisfied with the tablet?
  2. What is the main use, that you use it for?
  3. Can you send me photos of how some .pdf document or book look on the tablet?
  4. Is it somewhat easy to read books on them?

I am asking those questions because I will us the tablet mostly to read books (college, etc.) in .pdf format. So I mostly want to know your experience while using it like this. Also if you can suggest something else that would fit better for this use case, please do. I my self have been also looking into Xiaomi Mi Pad but have not yet found an good review of the device.


I don't own either, but ill give you a quick comparison.

Nexus 9 will be better for web browsing and working on documents because of the 4:3 screen. Galaxy tab will be better for media consumption and reading because of the super-AMOLED display and expandable storage.

I'd personally go for the Samsung because, in my opinion, it's a better overall device. I have a Shiled tablet, which has a similar sized screen. 16:10 is good for reading books.

Honestly it all depends on what you're going to do with it. if you are going to read and do some media consumption. definitely grab the Samsung 16:10 is perfect for Manga and reading books. if you want to tinker with things then get the Nexus 9. the Nexus 9 has the most support overall than any other Android device on the market.

Its mostly for reading books and Hearthstone! I was in the store today, looked at the Tab S 8.4, it looks amazing, and reading books is not that hard on it. But Nexus 9 got me thinking because of 4:3 aspect ration, reading would be better (but how much better), and the processor is a 64bit and GPU a bit stronger than the Samsung one! Therefore I am under impression that Nexus 9 is going to be better in the future (after a year or 2, be on par with Samsung next generation of tablets?)