What temp to watch?


I have an FX 8120 (stock cooler)

I've recently reapplied thermal paste cause the core temps were getting too high. I now get 45 degrees C in Core Temp. However, in Hardware Monitor, the CPU temp shows as 41 degrees while the package temp and Core Temp say its 26 degrees (idle).. What temp should I be monitoring, and I've read that the max temp for the FX 8120 is 61 degrees, but which temp are they referring to?

Also, are my temps high/low/good?

Post a screen shot of what you are talking about.  The way you worded this is a bit confusing.  Are you saying that under load Core Temp (the program) shows 45 degrees, and HWMonitor shows 41 degrees; and while at idle they both say 26 degrees?  Or are you talking about the different temperature values within HWMonitor (CPU and Package)?  If that's the case, Package is the number to pay attention to, as that number comes from the sensor inside the processor.  CPU is the socket temp I believe.

there talking about the cpu temp which is the socket temp. dont go by core temp

Here are some screenshots of my computer, the one on the right is HWmonitor, the one on the left is Core Temp.




The first one is my CPU at load, prime95 was running for about 30 minutes, which I know is not that long but im a bit short on time. Idle was straight from boot up.


Your load temps look OK. 68 C for the CPU socket and 50 C on the cores (package) under prime95 load is expected. Stock cooler isn't very good, and the 81xx- line are hot CPUs.

But the max temp is 61 degrees, are they referring to socket or core temp?

In Core Temp, you get the core temp, package in HWMonitor. First CPU temp in HWMonitor is CPU socket temp. Maximum is not very useful, how long was it at that temp? The sensors are a bit glitch-y and unreliable. Try some monitor program that lets you plot the temperature. Like Open Hardware Monitor or OCCT, so you can see trends and how long you have a specific temperature.

Socket is fine up to about 70C. The cores (package) can also take about 70C no problem, but usually you want to keep them under 60C. Prime95 is a very heavy load, check your temps under normal use like gaming etc. For this you need something that records data over time and preferable plots it, like Open Hardware Monitor.

If you socket temp hits 70C after 30 minutes of Prime95 I would say that you are fine for normal use. Very few things heat up the CPU like prime does. For example, [email protected] does not produce the same kind of temperatures.

If you want lower temperatures you need a better cooler.

Thanks a lot, in normal use/BF4 i get socket 60 max and core about 44-50, so ill try a higher overclock.. I'm running on stock cooler so even 4GHZ is pretty good