What Stuff to get for Nexus 4?


So I'm getting my new Nexus 4 in about a week, so i just wonderd if there was any awesome/must have apps out there.

Dead trigger.

Ms one note.

avg mobile security

tune in radio

Super Gnes lite.

zenbound 2.


Barcode scanner.

and then all your social networking like facebook twitter tumblur instigram 

These are just the ones I use on a day to day basis also I chose ms one note because the default note writer is pretty poopy on my s3 but I dont know how it is on the nexus 4 


Hope it helped!

Just gonna list random cool apps & widgets that aren't above

-Battery Widget? Reborn!


-Eye In the Sky

-Falcon Pro

-SwipePad **

-Google Currents




-HD Widgets

-Zooper Widget