What software to use for Recording gameplay?

So I would like to start recording my gameplay on Battlefield 4 but I really do not feel like spending money on purchasing hardware to record. I am currently testing out the Dxtory Trial version out but the files are too big for a few minute video. I am on an AMD fx 8350 with a Radeon 7870 HD series and a sabertooth 990fx r2.0 mobo. I would like to find as well a a movie editor to add some effects to the video as well. Mostly trying to record and post my videos up on youtube.

thank you for your help!


I stream and record using Open Broadcaster. Tis free.

Google/Youtube Dxtory setup with using different codec. I think (from memory) I use X.264 with some custom settings to keep my file size down and quality up.

I recall looking @ the file size initially and thinking it was too big as well. With a bit of tweaking and different codecs you can get a good quality/size ratio.

A lot of people recommend the Lagarith Lossless Video Codec, it's got relatively low file sizes for the quality of the capture. Keep in mind they are still massive files, raw capture footage is always going to have big file sizes whether you want it to or not.   8(