What software is best for playing DVDs/Blurays?

New install of windows 8.1 on a traveling laptop. Whats the best software you guys use to play DVDs from the CD drive?

CD Player from CD drive to playback DVD drives from tapes.

Media Player Classic although blurays are in tight spot... PC's are not good as per licensing and ever changing drm... you update your gpu drivers and it won't work anymore... and stuff like that...

Ahem... NEW INSTALL! It's not a pre built PC that has the software built-in, its a fresh install with little software so far

VLC is free.

Just make sure you don't accidentally download the "FREE SECURITY SCANS" tabs or anything like that when prompted to download the player.

Click here to download the VLC media player


Look up ninite for multuple options. Tho, the blueray is a little sticky topic. From what i read today on Ars blueray even suffers from a major security flaws. Something regarding Powerdvd. (snicker) http://arstechnica.com/security/2015/03/more-iot-insecurity-this-blu-ray-disc-pwns-pcs-and-dvd-players/