What should my Computer's idle temp be?

So I have an AMD FX-6300 and I was wondering what my Idle temp should be? I'm currently getting 35 degrees celcius. Is that good/normal?

Do you have the heatsink that came with the CPU on it? If so your fine. If it is a aftermarket cooler then no. But play a game and tell use what you get for a temp then.

I have the Hyper 212 evo as my cooler. Mainly because it came highly recommended. What is a good idle temperature? Nvm I just doxnload Hardware Monitor and it tells me my CPU temp on idle is 19C is that good normal temp.?

Download this http://www.cpuid.com/softwares/hwmonitor.html, to double check it. If it does check out at 19c that is perfectly fine.

do you keep your computer in an Ice box? thats 66 degrees fahrenheit. 25-35 C are 'normal' idle temps, even for a FX-6300. 19 C seems a bit sketch though, unless your house is kept at 10-15c (50 to 60F)

I live in the Northeast, so yes I do live in a ice box I guess, but I got a water cooler on my CPU so maybe it a combination of both.

Your idle temp is dependant on ambients

Well I live in France and I have a Hyper 212 evo cpu cooler.
And the HW Monitor tells me I'm running at 19 C, Though my AMD overdrive tell me I'm at 35 C.

CPU-Z NEVER LIES (try using that then tell em what your temps are)


my 8350 appears to idle at 14 c,it is overclocked and is cooled by 420 rad in push/pull, which is slight overkill.

If my i53570k is OCed to 4Ghz and has a dumbed down version of the 212 evo which is the tx3 evo and its package temperature is at 37 degrees celsuis is that ok?

yeah. but first let me ask you something- are you using coretemp to get your temperature? because I'd bet my entire RAM collection that these guys posting temps like 19 and 14 celcius aren't actually running at those temps. unless their computer rooms are 4-9C, which would be rather uncomfortable as it'd be about 35-50 fahhrenheit.

a good idle temp is going to be around 10-15C  above ambeint with a good cooler, so walk over to your house thermostat and check the temps, 37c is about 98F, so if your house thermostat says anything between 71 and 80F you're good.