What Should I Upgrade?

Hey guys so lately I've been noticing that my graphics have been slowing diminishing over time. This was a budget build and I understood that I wasn't gonna get amazing graphics but for the games that I was playing at the time it was perfect. As I've been playing more graphically intense games I've decide that it might be time for an upgrade but I'm not so sure were to start. I have a $200 budget for my upgrade. I know that the upgrade would most likely be a graphics card so, my question is which one ? All help is appreciated greatly ^_^ !! 

Here are my current specs: http://pcpartpicker.com/p/2CztU

This is what my PC looks like. Sorry for Potato quality :3 !  

i think that i would go for a GPU upgrade first. R9-270X or if you can afford a GTX760.

This will give you the best performance bump in gaming for the money right now.

you can also look at the  7850 and r9 270,  The gtx 660 can also be had for about $150 on places like ebay.  Most graphics cards around $150-200 will be significantly more powerful then what you have.





oh yeah, get a new GPU...


The R9 270/x is a BEASTIE little card! I'm drooling over the Asus DCU2! It's pure sex.

Everything everyone said above.

Grab an R9 270X.

And be gentle on that PSU.  It's pretty shit quality.  It still should handle an R9 270/270x fine.