What should i upgrade on my rig

my curent rig is a amd fx 6300

                            amd 7850

                           1x8GB ram

                          250GB hardrive

                           650Watt power supply 

                            corsair H100i

i only play games a 720p i usualy play emulator games so cpu i am going to upgrade it to amd next steam roller cpu anything else i should upgrade

Get two sticks of ram rather than one possibly...and you could get a new video card if you so wished

Get another 8GB stick of RAM (or buy 8GB [2x4GB] to replace your one stick of RAM and save that for something else) so you've got dual channel going on. It'll make you and your computer happy. Other than that, you don't need to upgrade anything.

Your rig is fine, maybe a larger HDD would be nice or an SSD to boot up your windows faster.