What should I get?

I would add the sapphire tri X 290 4gb

You are from EU , so with EU prices :


If you are willing to go second hand , I will be putting my 1231V3 + h100i + tri X 290 + RM 1000w + asus H97 plus up for sale at a good rebate , witch would mean you could get a second 290 and 8gb's of ram and stay withing your budget .

 Reasoning : H100i cause it's pretty ,and you can get a pair of nf-f12's to make it silent .

If looks doesn't matter , by all means take a nh-d15 / phantecs / other air cooler for better value .

If you have the cash , go for the i5 , RM 1000w to support crossfire ( you can get by with 850 , but 1000w will make it work at peak efficiency .

If you really want a second 290 , you can easily fit it in , but 1 290 is pefect for 1080p , even 120hz .

1440p is still good with a 290 , but you might want 2 .

Also , just change the case to one that fits you  ;)

This is the only reason I did not include it ...


I know , but where I live the tri X is the same price as stock , whereas the vapor is ~65€ more , but on caseking it seems to be equal , wich is why I would go with the vapor X

yeah ... it works out to a 35€ difference here.

It's hard to keep track of sometimes.

Just thought I'd "end" this thread with a link to my final list of parts. I guess it isn't 100% final as I haven't really decided on the psu yet as I forgot to take overclocking into account. But here it is anyways: http://pcpartpicker.com/p/KqfFCJ

Looks great so far.

As for the power supply, here are a couple I'd suggest