What should I get?

Alright I wanna build a gaming and light work pc. So I was thinking an amd fx-8350 or i5 4690k. And for the gpu I was thinking a 780 or 290. My budget is around 1500ish so what i want to hear is some advice for motherboards and what components would go good together. Also what should I get if I maybe wanna put in an extra gpu later on. 

btw. this would be my second build so.. you can use "big words" or whatever. Thanks

Do you need an OS or peripherals?

Do you plan to overclock?


This is what I came up with - http://pcpartpicker.com/p/DDGBzy

The i7 will be great, the MSI board will OC your socks off, plus its a K CPU. The Phanteks cooler is comparable to the NH-D14 from Noctua, which is considered one of the best air coolers of all time. the 750w PSU gives you plenty of room for SLI in the future. Itll be great mate. And itĺl color match. You still have room for an OS with this too. 

I have OS and peripherals and I would like to overclock later on.

This looks great. Dont need an ssd as i already have one but ill probably add an extra 8gbs of ram for work. One question though. Do I really need the i7? It seems kinda overpriced but then again I'm not very "educated" on cpus. Is there an amd I could use instead maybe? Otherwise it looks great and I love that you color matched it. Thanks man, appreciate it.

Since you said you're doing a little work an i5 will be fine. Most rendering can be done on a GPU anyways.

You dont need an i7, it would just be a nice goodie since you can afford it. A 4690k would do just fine aswell.

Yes. I want this pc to be pretty future proof so it looks like i might have to go with that. and id will probably go down in price now that the 5000s are out. BUT I've been looking around and im thinking maybe the amd 8350 would be a better choice. Price to performance (please correct me if I'm wrong). And I was wondering which motherboard would go with that one. And if you or anyone else have some suggestions or comments on it that would be greatly appriciated. 

amd 8350 would be a better choice. Price to performance (please correct me if I'm wrong).

your not wrong.

What are you main usages going to be?  And do you value sheer horsepower over durability and functionallity?

Are you going to be doing any video editing or rendering?  If you're just doing gaming and light work stuff, you might want to consider an i5 and perhaps two R9 290s.


Well I like horsepower as much as the next man but its gotta be somewhat durable. I dont want it to break or get slow anytime soon. 

What do you mean with functionality though? I mean its gotta be functional obviously,

My main usage is games.

Gaming rigs are leaned out and only focused on gaming. They can't do other things like rendering and video  / audio editing or live streaming ect.. You need other parts that can do those things, Like more storage , more ram , more CPU , ect. ect...

Part recommendations greatly depend on what you are going to do with it.

+1 That will game  ... dang me ...  $1500 can of whoop-ass there.     

perfect example of a gaming rig.


One problem though. I live in Denmark and the prices here are alot higher and some are the same as in America so the build is actually quite alot over my budget.

Yeah that looks great but I live in Denmark and the prices are a bit fucked so when I add up the price of all these parts in denmark it goes far over my budget. I was thinking maybe just 1 780 and an amd 8350 and then later i could put in another 780. Heres a link to the parts ive chosen: http://pcpartpicker.com/p/kwcfVn what do you think of these. Is it a good combination? Will it be worth it? Will I need a different something? Any feedback is apreciated

I would definitely recommend a 290 over the 780 in this case. They are cheaper which is good for your conversion rates, they have buckets of power and ram which would possibly be better in the long run as you said you want this to last, AMD are more toward the open source side and ”should" get along better with possible Steam OS than Nvidia and you can over clock the ball grid arrays out of AMD cards.

Okay I guess I'll go with an r9 290s and an amd 8350 and then maybe a second r9 290 in time for the witcher 3. What motherboard should I get that?

yeah and unless you plan on overclocking the water cooling isn't the way to go. Air cooling is cheaper and quieter

  • for no OC up to low medium OC   ... Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO CPU cooler... $25


  • for low medium to medium high OC ... Noctua NH-D14 SE2011 CPU Cooler ... $75


  • Extreme OC ing ... then go with liquid cooler


Some R9 290 GPUs you should consider ..

Gigabyte Radeon R9 290 4GB WINDFORCE


Asus Radeon R9 290 4GB DirectCU II 


Sapphire Radeon R9 290 4GB Vapor-X


all these GPUs perform well and run cool and most are quiet. If quiet is important  ... I would recommend the Sapphire Vapor X


Get 1 R9 290 , it will knock your socks off , the 780 is overpriced for it's perf .

8350 is not ideal when gaming , I would recommend an i5 and oc it ( or if you don't want to OC you can get a 1231V3 ).

You are in denmark , so consider caseking.de / mindfactory.de for parts or even aria pc .

Also , I am sellling a few things like an H100i / H55 / tri X 290 if you are interested , as I live in belgium .