What should I do?

So I have a few questions and would really apreciate it if someone could help me. So first off I would like to upgrade my CPU from a A8-3850 to a 4670k. I would like to keep a large content of what is currently on my 2 750gb HDDs in Raid 0. Would I have to reinstall Windows? Also I recently got 2 OCZ Vertex 3 120Gb SSDs and would like to have them in RAID 0 but Windows 7 cannot detect them. So if I upgrade is there a way to keep windows, and if not/ not worth it can I still access my all off my stored data and cookies,games,ETC. from my old RAID setup while I get Windows on the SSds in RAID 0. Also if someone knows how to get Windows 7 detected on the SSDs that would be very helpful.

don't raid SSDs, that causes huge latencies and defeats the purpose of SSDs

also Raid stripes are not compatible with other motherboards, meaning you'll need to get the data off the raid before transfering the drives to the new mobo

for keeping stuffl like cookies and stuff look up acronis backups

Thanks, it was not my idea to use it in RAID but someone is constantly telling me I should. So about tis acronis backup, what does the free trial do? Also if it helps I think I have an external HDD somewhere.