What SBCs are still available? - Another Raspberry Pi 4 & Co. discussion

I’ve had a terrible time with the Rock64. I’ve got 5 of em and they’re all buggy, unreliable and just all around fall short of expectations.

Not gonna lie, of the two PINE products I’ve personally experienced (Pinephone, Pinecil) this has kinda been the theme with both of them.

PINE64: Bringing linux software quality to hardware.


RockPro64, avoid the Rock64 and there’s also a bug in board design of the Ethernet port afaik. If you want something cheaper look at H6/A64 boards from Pine64 or OrangePi

Edit: RockPro64 is a commonly supported board by multiple OS and distros and works very well over all.

If you dont need the PCIe slot Rock Pi 4 also works very well and uses the same SoC


See, this is weird because i can literally walk into jaycar and pick up a pi 400 off the shelf.

Regular pi 4 hard to get at the moment, but pi 4 easy here.

I was throwing out an example Odriod is normally what I use.

Kinda want a Beagle Board to experiment with.

Amlogic have the worst support of all mentioned SoCs here so I’m curious what reference you have for their SoCs to recommend

Regarding Pinephone, they’re been very clear that its for development and developers and not for everyday use so I dont see a reason to complain at all.

The test fixtures I make for our engineering department are clearly for development and developers, but that doesn’t mean it’s acceptable for them to be buggy. It means they should be more stable so that we don’t have to question whether it’s the test platform or the UUT that sucks. Something with novice electrical mistakes makes a poor software development platform. Anyone that’s passed Intro to EE should know how a level shifter works.

I got my hands on a Pinephone 1.2b for cheap… I don’t hate the product, it’s kinda neat, but it’s sitting in a drawer because development is going nowhere despite “every issue being well known”. Right alongside the HP Windows Phone, which was probably my favorite phone to date.

Release a car without an engine with the intent that everyone else figures out the engine for you but nobody actually does, and at the end of the day you’ve still got a useless car with no engine regardless of what your intentions were.



I found a store that still has Pi4 1GB in stock for 64.14 euro.

Or Pi4 4GB for 167.59euro, kit version: Pi4 4GB, mi-hdmi cable, sd 16GB, case, psu.
Or at another store for 151.68euro for a similar kit with just an extra ethernet cable and 32GB sd.

In stock 53 sets, Max order 10 sets. Everything is brand new from official distribution. But the delivery will probably be as xyz…

Possible url on PM because I don’t want to do spam here… Unfortunately, they only ship to: Austria, Belgium, Belgaria, Coratia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxemburg, Netherlands, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden.

Holy shit that is some insane prices I remember when those were like 35$

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Unfortunately, everything became more expensive :frowning:

For those prices I’d just get an older version of latte panda


LattePanda Alpha 800s(Intel Core M3-8100Y), (8GB RAM), no eMMC, Fan, PD 45W
629,88euro before tax and delivery…

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Damn yeah I just checked

You get what you pay for, there’s a reason why it costs as it does when dev kits usually are much more expensive.


Absolutely everything is more expensive… nothing is cheap as it was. Either everything was bought back some time ago or it has new, higher prices.

I can’t argue there, it is cheap.

We’ve come full circle to me wanting to just tell people to buy a damn Optiplex for like $100, put Linux on it, grab a $10 parallel card and boom, GPIO. There’s your dev board, have fun with it lol

These Optiplex are also a bit more expensive than they were, at least where I can reach by hand. :slight_smile:

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What country?