What SBC do I use for controlling a record player?

I got an Audio Technica record player from Goodwill second hand, and ironically it arrived totally fried electrically. I had the crazy idea to use the hardware i have to make a wireless accessible (potentially even over a website) super version of a standard record player. I don’t know what would be a good choice of board to hook in to the motor driver stuff, and the dacs especially. I’m going to mod the body of the player with a little lcd touchscreen if possible, and i also don’t know what my choices are to do a custom amplification circuit justice. I’d like to just have some suggestions for the brains of this whacky project from people who know way more about SBC’s than I do, and maybe if you’d like to suggest stuff so the feature creep is even more ridiculous.

Realistically, you won’t need the compute power of an SBC for this. A more capable microcontroller (Arduino, Adafruit, etc.) will do for automation.

As for taking the analogue from the pickup and streaming that via bluetooth or network, tough ask.

My only reason for really wanting the SBC is for the website idea, but yeah, I don’t know of any good audio focused stuff for this sort of crap.

I think it will be challenging to keep noise under control when putting a computer and particularly a display inside a turntable.

Some shielding (= sheet metal) and some filtering should suffice.

Also, keep in mind you’ll need a preamp (or correctly programmed DSP) for RIAA equalization between the stylus and whatever you will be listening to. It’s not like a line-out signal.