What phone do you use?


Which phone do you guys use. if its a smartphone :) which OS do you prefer (Android, iOS or Windows)

And why dont you guys start phone reviews?




I use a Galaxy S2. Logan uses an S3. I prefer Android for its interface and the customizability. I'm sure his answer would be the same.

We're not really phone people. We mainly just use them as forms of communication and I just have a few "minute killer" games. It wouldn't be right for people to review something that they're not really into or very knowledgeable of on a deep level.

I use a Samsung Galaxy Ace. It rings people, allows people to ring me and I can also send messages on it. As an added bonus it's an Android, which I'm much more partial to because you don't have to give money to anyone to write software for it which is something I like to encourage. EDIT: Whoops just realised this is an inbox question not general discussion, sorry!

I have a Sony Xperia Z - I prefer Android, the camera is awesome and it is water and dust resistant.  1080p screen ftw

nokia 3210 yep its still kicking after 10 years! its outlasted all the 'smart' phones i have had (i call them zombie maker phones)

I have a Samsung Galaxy S3. I love Android.