What of these phones should i get with my income tax?

Right now i have a cheapo crappy phone(http://www.gsmarena.com/lg_gw300-2918.php) it is annoying the hell out of me,like i will be browsing the web on it and it will randomly turn it's self off while laoding a page,and half the pages try to load say "insufficient memory".

So i have decided to get a new phone with my income tax,i will be going with walmart family mobile cause i work for walmart and i get a discount and it will only cost me 30$ for unlimited(but the lower the web speed after 250mb but any thing is faster than my current net10 phone lol)where as my net 10 is 25$ 750 min,or 50$ for unlimited.

i can pick any one of these.


Or i can pick from one of these t-mobile no contract phones.(wich can be used with the family mobile)



now what i want out of my phone is i want to be able to surf the web with out problems,watch youtube and be able to comment on a video,view and reply on a fourm(my current phone won't let me log in lol),listen to music,and watch videos that arn't 3gp,i would also like to be able to run some emulators(would like ps1 but i don't have to,but i do at least want to be able to play snes,and GBA games).


Keep in mind when suggesting a phone that it looks like i will only be getting around 880$ and i also need to get new tires on my car,and fix some other stuff.

I think the (ZTE) Concord would be a good bet if all you want is music and web browsing. It comes with Android 2.3 Gingerbread, so it obviously has youtube, and cam play music and video of various formats, including the most popular, and is cable of GBA/SNES emulation.

It's powered by a Broadcom SoC which utilizes an older 834MHz ARM11 CPU and a GPU capable of H.264 video at 30FPS. Don't expect great battery life, or phenomenal browsing, as the older CPU lacks the newer instruction sets. My HTC Hero, which utilized a similar CPU @ 528MHz/ 768MHz OC'd got about 10 hours of battery life while just playing music (no browsing, videos, or phone calls), while my Evo 4G can play music all day and then some, thanks to NEON instruction set, which allows music playback at 10MHz.

Browsing should be enjoyable enough, provided you have the right browser. I prefer Naked Browser, as it's minimal, simple, and well coded. It makes my OC'd (1.2GHz) Evo 4G feel like those new dual and quad core phones.

For $100, I'm pretty certain it's an unbeatable value for a new phone.

get the s3


Can it run emulators? if so which one? 

I really want to be able to run them,so i can play them while on mny lunch break at work cause i get really bored(i have even fallen asleep once during it lol).

I would to get the S3,but they don't have it avaible on the T-Mobile pre paid,if i bought a contract phone(with out the contract) it would cost 500+ for the S3.

They do have the s2 for 299$

Should i get that? 

If can run simple emulators, such as GBA, SNES, etc. Personally, I used Gameboid, but I can't find it anywhere anymore.

If you can afford the Galaxy SII, I'd go for that instead. It uses Snapdragon S3 SoC that's armed with a custom dual-core 1.5GHz Scorpion CPU based on the ARM Cortex-A8. It does feature the newer instruction sets, including NEON, which would allow for accelerated media decoding. It would get much better battery life for just music playback, and web browsing would be significantly better on media-heavy sites. Plus, the Super AMOLED screen looks great for videos.

Go for it. Among the phones listed on your link, the S2 is the next best thing after S3.

I guess i will get the S2 can you guys suggest a good case and earbud to go with it?

I would save my money and wait for the next generation.

I'm pretty happy with Klipsch Image S4. There are three variations: S4, S4i and S4a, where S4i has a microphone and works with Iphone, and S4a the same but with android. S4 doesnt have microphone on the cord. I have the S4. There are plenty of reviews on them around. Of course, if you were thinking about something cheaper there's still Sennheiser CX300 & siblings, which do not disappoint for the price.

Out of the phones in the two links (anything on the Wal-mart link you'll get frustrated with), I'd go for the SGS3, if you can't get that then the SGS2

If you don't mind a Windows phone, then the HTC Windows Phone 8X is an option.