What Monitoring software is there?

I only care about email alerts on one mayyybe two machines. They are both windows for the time being. Is there something simple and free that only does email alerts if the machine goes offline? At work I've used spiceworks & solarwinds. but both are way overkill for what I need and other stuff like teamviewers ITbrain costs money.

What do you want to use it for?

Buy a cheap android phone, hook it up to your wifi network and just log into your e-mail there? Should be able to make it chime whenever you get something if said e-mail has an app


I think what he wants it to do is basically tell him when the computer is shut down or is turned on. I don't know anything that does that specifically.

That or he only gets email alerts on the two computers and not his phone unless they are both turned off

Yes, basically just that. I just tried intalling spiceworks and just turning on the email alert. but I can't figure out how to turn off the default offline time of 1m 30s. I want it to email me immediately.

Basically my $6k desktop with my NAS and everything is in my office at home. I live with another person. My internet is good (60down,5up) but it goes out all the time. I run things all the time leaving the machine on for days at a time. I take real good care of it. but I'd want to just keep tabs on it if I'm torrenting many things and it goes offline. or if there is a power outage or something. I do have a couple of backup android phones i'm not using atm that I could hook up, but that doesn't look all that nice. Hopefully spiceworks will work for me. even tho it's way overkill. I was hoping someone might know of something that was only dedicated to emailing you if your machine goes offline. or maybe some way to use windows. like a batch file or sheduled task or some other spoof.