What kind of switches are best for me?

I love having a clicky keyboard. I remember the days of my grand-fathers IBM keyboard. Those clicky keys are a joy to hear. So I am looking for a clicky keyboard but also with some resistance. And that would be awesome I mainly do gaming and the way I type is by quite literarily pounding my fingers into the keys. So what would work best for me?

MX greens or buckling springs, no question.

Grab a Unicomp Model M remake; they're great :)

And that would be awesome I mainly do gaming and the way I type is by quite literarily pounding my fingers into the keys. So what would work best for me?

Cherry MX Blacks.


They are the best switches for gaming. 

In your case it doesn't matter whether the keyboard is clicky or not. If you don't control the force of your keypresses to press keys just to actuation point instead of bottoming out, the 'clickyness' of the switches is just going to get in the way of gaming because release point is above actuation point and it makes repeating keypresses harder. 

tl;dr: either learn to type efficiently or don't get a clicky keyboard.

More commonly available than the Cherry MX Black is the Cherry MX Red, there's a bunch of nice keyboards that use those linear switches. I could never use them, as they would suck for typing (which I do a lot more of than gaming), but if gaming is your goal, they should work well (see all the recent Tek Syndicate videos about Cherry MX switches and keyboards)

Linear switches do not suck for typing; who is supporting this propaganda? Typing preferences are just that - preferences. If you want to type on Super Blacks, but game on rubber domes, go ahead. That is your decision, your preference. 

I wouldn't say that reds are more commonly available than blacks. A couple of years ago they weren't even a thing.

Linear switches are still better for typing than any membrane keyboard, and clicky switches require you to control the force with which you type, otherwise getting them is pointless.

Who has propagated this propaganda?





Not as good for typing suck for typing

For a keyboard pounder, go to a store and try out blacks and greens. Blacks are the heaviest linear switch without a click and greens are the heaviest with the click, but not necessarily good for gaming because of the release force/point. If you really must have the click, go for greens. You could try out blues as well, but they are lighter force.

Everyone has their own preferences and types differently. We can make suggestion based on what you've told us, but really you should try them out on your own and pick what feels right to you.

I'd say clears. They are tough for pounding, but still have a somewhat satisfying feeling while pressing.

I couldn't care less what two people have said. Make your own opinions, and base them off fact and experience. 

EDIT: Thanks, Mr. Bucket.

Couldn't care less.

Does anyone know of any big american stores that have the different switches so one can try them out?

Forgot about the clears... They're not as widely known/used. 

American PC stores? Fry's, Microcenter, Best Buy/Futureshop *might* have some on display that you can try...