What kind of performance can I get with a Sapphire 7850?

I'm going to use an A10-5800K (I KNOW IT"S AN APU BUT I ALREADY BOGHT IT BECAUSE I WAS A NOOB) 8GB of ram (1866) and The saphire 7850. What kind of performance can I get from this. The main game I want to play is minecraft but what else?

You won't have a problem playing games. But you won't be able to play them on max settings at 1080p

Stick with the APU with gaming. GPU's are going to come out! (months probably...)

Espeacially if you play mainly minecraft. Just stick with it. Otherwise that APU is OK. For getting more frames: Don't max out. Get from say 4 FXAA to 2. Disable shadows etc. It won't hurt much to get your 30 FPS.

Thanks guys!