What is this port?


I have been looking at some mother boards for a AMD possessor, and I have came across one which has a unusual type of port which is found under the USB 3.0. Dose anyone know what the name of the port is or what it dose, because i have never seen it before.

It is and eSATA port can be used for an external hard drive or an external disc drive. It may also have the ability to be used as a USB port also but I am unsure if it is a hybrid port or not.

that's what i originally thought but the e-SATA is sightly different shape see below.  (correct me if im wrong)



It is an eSATA port and I believe that it is only an eSATA port and not a combo eSATA/USB port which is why it looks a bit different. Here is a video for the olden days where Logan points it out.


It is a USB 3.0/eSATA port. Best way to confirm anything, and it should have been the first place that you looked, is to check the manual. Almost all motherboard manufacturers will post PDF format files of their motherboard manuals, so if you happen not to have it, you can still check it anyway.