What is the Name of Google's New Ad Server?

I've been running an ad server list through "Notepad" in windows 10 for almost a year now, and it has worked great up until a few days ago(right after the W10 anniversary update). I chose this method because it uses no 3rd party software or app. Now, on youtube, some commercials are slipping through the cracks. I reinstalled the ad list, but no luck. It looks like google is serving ads from a new address I don't have in my filter. Also, the ad list is no longer available in the link from the youtube video below. Luckily, I saved it on a usb. The ad list is not in IP adress format, it is in text format. If anyone out there knows the web address of google's new ad server, I would really appreciate it.

Might be useful to change the name of the thread to something like "What is the name of Google's new ad server?" or something similar so people understand easily what you are looking for. The current title somewhat implies that this is an informative thread about how to use notepad for ad blocking.

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Thanks, I'll change it right now.

Run a website where you suspect the google ad is serving and check the network log via the f12 developer menu. You should be able to locate it there.

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Thanks. I was able to shift-f12 and get the list of stuff on the left hand side of this screenshot. Which one would it be? I don't want to accidentally block the wrong thing:)

The entry "s.ytimg.com" on the left looks like the funny one to me, but that is just a guess. When I searched the address, it came up with a google page that said "the page doesn't exist, that's all we know":) Also, this is the format the ad list is in, I just copied the first bit. If I put the whole list it would be rediculous. fr.a2dfp.net m.fr.a2dfp.net mfr.a2dfp.net ad.a8.net asy.a8ww.net static.a-ads.com atlas.aamedia.ro abcstats.com

ytimg.com is a YouTube server.

s.ytimg.com hosts their JS and CSS files
i.ytimg.com hosts their images (video thumbnails / their logo / etc)

--Not sure what else those servers are used for though.

The reason you got that message is you pasted that into your browser URL box I would assume -- and that's a URL so it tried going to it instead of searching Google for it.

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Good thing I didn't follow my intuition and block it. Thank you. I will try pasting all of them.
OK, I pasted all of them and it doesn't look like any of them are the ad server itself. So I popped a video up and took a few more quick screenshots. My IQ has just taken a good beating, and none of this looks like it was from a curated ad.

I filtered for the word "ads". This is what I saw. Basically, do the same and see if any aren't being blocked.

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OK, I tried filtering for "ads" on the network tab. It didn't quite look like yours.

I was looking really hard after I searched "ads" on that network page. Then it dawned on me that every "ads" on the right side was in the same "s.ytimg/yts/cssbin/" file on the left. I added "s.ytimg.com" to the end of my filter list in Notepad and saved it, and it worked. I clicked on several videos repeatedly, and no more ads. Thank you all for pointing me in the right direction. You are all bad-asses:) Now I can put my tinfoil hat back on and hit up some other threads!
edit-OK, shit, just got another ad. I might have to give up on this for a little bit.