What is the metric measurement of the TekSyndicate pint glass?

So I'm wanting to buy some TekSyndicate merch and am drastically in need of a nice new beer glass.

Question is, how many ml does the TekSyndicate pint glass hold?

Here in Australia the glass sizes change depending on location; not sure if it's the same in the US, but in each state here it's a different measurement.

No schooner loving?

Cheers. :)


A standard pint glass holds 568ml of liquid. The geometry of the pint glass they have seems to match the standard here in Ireland.


Keep in mind however that an american pint is like 480ish ml approximately. I don't believe their pint glass is using this pint though, just throwing it out there.

Cheers, mate.

Anyone with the TekSyndicate pint glass care to do an experiment?

How do you not know the size of a pint?! Schooners would be cool, but I think they should add a different logo for that. 

Because Australia is a messed up country (these measurements aren't entirely accurate either) and I don't know what the rest of the world does.


The standard pint glass in the United States of America is 16 fluid ounces, or just over 473 milliliters. The not-so-standard-but-still-fairly-common size is 20 fluid ounces, or just over 591 milliliters. Both sizes are widely used, often offered as choices in restaurants, but in a home environment a pint glass refers to the 16 fluid ounce variety. I'm assuming because almost all non-specialty beer comes in either 12 fluid ounce glass bottles or 12 fluid ounce cans across the country. The extra 4 ounces in a glass I would assume would be for the foam and whatnot.


You're a champ!

Nah, my father just drinks and makes a lot of beer.