What is the better pick?

Hi! So Im trying to build my first pc. And I dont know what to choose. I´am trying to be in the 500-600 euro price range. I have these two pc´s picked out. I´am only going to play games with this PC. I have my old laptop for school stuff . The games I´m mainly play : Planetside 2, CS:GO, Crysis 2, TF2 and Minecraft.

518 euro PC:

CPU - Intel Core i3-4130    MB - MSI B85-G41 MATE    RAM - 8GB DDR3 Kingston 1600mhz    GPU - Geforce GTX650 2GB    HDD - WD 1TB 7200rpm    Case - Cooler Master K280    CPU Cooler - Arctic Freezer 7 Pro Rev.2

602 euro PC:

CPU - Intel Core i5-4430    MB - MSI B85-G41 MATE    RAM - 8GB DDR3 Kingston 1600mhz    GPU - Geforce GTX650 TI 2GB    HDD - 1TB 7200rpm    Case - BitFenix Shinobi    CPU Cooler - Arctic Freezer 7 Pro Rev.2

I can´t pay any more because I have to buy a monitor (150 euros) and OS (80 euros) also. So my question is. Dose the 84+ euros in price matter much or can they handel games the same ? The most i´m worried about is Planetside 2, will I be abled to play it in low-medium settings 1920x1080?

PS: I forgot to add but the PSU is 450W Corsair 80+.


something like this would probably play any game at high-max settings, and it costs about the same as the second one.

the 650ti is much better I would get that one


for a budget build, go AMD

a pound is not a euro

The 2nd one would last longer. Most likely save you money from having to change out the I3s if you got more serious games. Also the TI version of the 650 is better than the normal 650.

edit* you have crysis on that list. I5, crysis is physics computationaly heavy.

I need some help again. I talked to my mum and she could help me with 50-75 euros. So I found some awsome deals and I calculated that if I upgrade my CPU to i5 4570 and GPU to GTX 650 Ti Boost. The price would be 659 euros. Is it worth it to add the extra 60 euros for that kind of a upgrade. Or should I buy the 602 euro one and just get something else with that 60 euros?

Yes the i5 and the 650ti boost are much better that is a pretty solid system.  You could also do an i3 or a fx6300 with a 660ti or 7870

If you're trying to put together a gaming build with your budget, then I would strongly recommend you get an AMD CPU. It's going to be cheaper and it's going to allow you to get a better graphics card. Not to mention that it'll work just fine for gaming. See if you can afford an FX-6300, FX-8320, or FX-8350.

I usually don't recommend any graphics card that has something at the end of its name just to claim that it's faster like "superclocked" or "boost," but in this case, the 650 TI Boost is actually worlds better than the vanilla 650 TI. Definitely go with the boost verison, unless you end up getting a cheaper CPU and getting a better graphics card.

On a side note, computer components must be really expensive in Europe, because you could probably get a better system than that for $600 USD.

PC parts are expencive in europe. If you would get the 600 dollar settup I´d have to pay 700+ euros fot that same spec PC. And thanks for the AMD build note. I´ll have a look and see what AMD has to offer for 500-650 euros.

So I have been looking for some AMD stuff and found some awsome AMD parts.

CPU - AMD FX 6350 Black Edition - 118 euros

GPU - Gigabyte Radeon HD 7870 2GB OC - 197 euros

MB - Gigabyte Socket AM3+ GA-870A - 67 euros

RAM - Kingston HyperX Genesis DDR3 1600mhz 8GB - 63 euros

PSU - Corsair CX 500W 80+ Bronze - 49 euros

HDD - WD Caviar Black 1TB 7200rpm - 73 euros

CPU COOLER - Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo - 26 euros

CASE - Corsair Carbride 200R Black - 53 euros

FANS - Corsair SP120 High Performance Edition x2 - 26 euros

Total - 668 euros (Computer) + 151 euros (monitor) + 80 euros (OP) = 899 euros

I will throw those two fans on the side because then one is alined with CPU and the other with GPU.