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What is the Best Noctua Cooler? And will it fit my Build?

What is the Best Noctua Cooler? And will it fit my Build?

Noctua NH-D14 or Noctua NH-D15?

The 3600x stock cooler is annoyingly loud. Partpicker is giving me one hell of a “Not sure this will fit”. OLOy 32GB (2 x 16GB) DDR4 3200 Model MD4U163216CGDA.

Thanks Everyone!

The size of your cpu aircooler will be dictated by the size of your case. Measured in mm. Consider BE Quiet line up also.

Differences in the D14 and the D15 will be unnoticeable in this scenario. It doesn’t make sense to pair an airflow focused cooler with a restricted case.

I would instead go for something liquid. You’ll get better temps in the Define R5, and it’ll be just as, if not quieter. CoolerMaster/Corsair/NZXT : It doesn’t particularly matter which 240mm cooler you get because, once again, there’s barely a difference.

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The NH-U14 keeps my 3600x under 65c and with the other noctua fans my pc is quite.



That is a whole lotta noctua fans… :slight_smile:

3600 and Shadow Rock TF with a whole lotta Noctua fans :slight_smile:

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The case you have selected is not that good airflow wise.
There is an argument to be head for noise dampening against coil whine, but for cooling to noise, having an open case and fans slowly turning at 400 to 600rpm is going to win.

If any you have more specific recommendations that would be helpful. Links and such.

Sounds like the purpose of this case is more geared towards water cooling.

Idk. I feel the evidence has ruled in favor of these larger air coolers. Restricted air flow or not. Keep in mind also that the define r5 is just a few screws and a few modu-vents away from becoming a more full airflow case if the situation calls for it.

Refer to the title. I just need to be sure the cooler won’t hit my ram. I don’t need help deciding whether or not the cooler is right for my system.

your case will fit the dh 14 and 15.

gamers nexus did a aio cooler round up and threw in the noctua nh u14s tr4 (normal dh 14 modified for thread ripper with a thread ripper sized plate and mounting).

in their testing the noctua outperformed all the 120 mm and most the 240mm coolers, and a couple 360mms. different cases effect air flow differently, but worst “case” for air vrs best case for for aio is onyl going to be a couple of degrees difference.
if you arent going for extreme overclocking and doing voltage mods, i wouldnt worry about it. the 3600x doesnt get all that hot compared to thread ripper and almost every aio will adequately cool a thread ripper.

point is cooling wise you are very very safe with either noctua or a aio. noise levels are in the video. biggest concern should probably be price and whether you want to go with a more simple cooling solution (air) or dont mind swapping liquid in 5 years and risking water damage. some of the aio companys like corsair have warrentys on the aio that cover the entire system in case of leak.

theres really no bad option just a lot of good options here, the 3600x is super low heat.

The 15 is notched for better ram clearance, maybe that’s the one you should use.

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Btw got the d14 bc it’s quieter and cheaper.

Will report on the install.