What is the best method for getting Docker running on Manjaro?

I wanna run Docker on Manjaro and rejuvenate my parents’ ancient 2008 Mac as a basic homeserver.

What is the best method to get Docker running on it? (Preferably with a GUI)

Any particular reason you want to run Manjaro? That may not be the best distro for a Mac that old. Also Mac desktop / laptop? And if it is just running server stuff you may want to look into stability instead of a rolling release like Manjaro.

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If you are using it as a docker server then a LTS version of Debian or CentOS (Server oriented distros) would be better as @exee stated. Manjaro is focused on desktop experience and not really meant to be set-and-forget like LTS distros.

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MacBook Pro.

My laptop refuses to install any Debian distro. I tried Ubuntu, ElementaryOS, PopOS, ZorinOS etc. I couldn’t get anything to install.

Although I think it might have something to do with Gnome, since Manjaro with Gnome also didn’t install.

RN, I just want to get something running. Fedora WS did work, but it did not show any networking settings at all.

Manjaro with KDE Plasma is the first stable OS I have gotten up and running but I’m stuck in the pacman -syu process for hours now. :confused:

Also, I’m fairly new to Linux, and still not completely comfortable with the command line, so I like to have a GUI wherever possible.

If that is the case then I would suggest trying CentOS or Fedora server, use the CLI to get portainer up and running, then you have a webGUI for managing Docker.

No GUI on the OS means there is less to go wrong


I’ll give it a shot, thanks

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