What is the best libre or at least open source android emulator for windows?

is there a libre android emulator for windows at all?
is android x86 installed on a vm my best option?

i atm, just wanna play cat bird an android game and avoid all the ads/datamining from the average emulator i would expect, so any other suggestion would be appreciated too.

Andyroid worked well for me…until it didn’t…

What i mean is that for several months it was fine and then something changed in my configuration that made it no longer usable. The weird thing was that it happened on several different configs that I have - one windows machine and two hackintoshes…but my other windows machine has it and it still works…so i couldnt pin down what caused that but i assume a reinstall would have sorted it out. i didnt bother though

while it was good afaik it WAS good…like i say, til it wasnt

i recently tried nougat on virtualbox and it was terrible - SOOO laggy…perhaps i did something wrong or need better hardware (3rd gen quad core i7 laptop with nvidia workstation nvs5200, 8gb ram) but no matter what i did i couldnt make it NOT suck. Just my experience though and thats why i suggest andy

I use BlueStacks for the occasional android.

is bluestacks free of ads and does it not data mine u?
i couldn’t find a mention whether it is libre or at least open source and how they are making money.

Why not use the one provided by Android IDE ?

I used bluestacks a long long time ago - like 5 years or something like that? and it worked well for the time and the hardware but i havent used it since…
As for the Android IDE im guessing that there is a lot of overhead as compared to a VM or containerized app like bluestacks and andyos…though tbh i havent used it personally. my GUESS is that with all of the dev-focus there are things that a typical user simply wouldnt need.