What is the best ISP?

What ISP do people out there think is the best?

Aspects of a good ISP:


-mb/s up to $$

-mb/s down to $$


-non-sociopathic (eg six strikes)

-overall $$

-overall speed

at&t isn't bad for the fist year, you get a pretty good promo rate, tech support isn't the worst in the world

about a month or 2 my router went bad and they sent me a new one and doubled my speed for free (for 6 months)

after the fist year the cost is pretty bad though

It's hard to say who is a good ISP, as it varies from region to region. One may have better services than another in certain areas. For me I find a good ISP is one that has good reliability and actually cares about the customer (hard to find these days)

In the UK ISPs will try there hardest to hold on to customers and offer very good support and the best deals they can offer for you in your area. As in the UK there are ALOT more ISPs than in the USA and as a result there services and service plans are much better. But all are similarly priced to be competative with each other.

As a customer also what is more important to you, sometimes you may have to take compromises. Such as (for example) I can great download speeds with 98% uptime or I can have not so fast speeds with 100% uptime.

For me you can't say who is the best as it depends on who you are and where you are.

- zanginator