What is the best ISP in Ontario

What do you think is the best ISP?

Not Bell :P

O.o i wanted to switch to bell 

I'm with them now, horrible horrible customer service. The technology is meh. It's nothing special and the only reason they offer unlimited, now-a-days, is because their resellers did it. If I were you, I would look for an independant reseller. Like a good reseller in the Montreal area (Where I live) is TekSavyy. And, to my knowledge, they do operate in Ontario. I would recommend them especially since they seem to be the only ISP protecting their customers from copyright claims made by companies.

The joke's on us. There are no good or fair isps in Ontario that are available for all regions. Rogers has terrible throttling during peak hours and charges and arm and a leg, bell has terrible customer service and old hardware, and Cogeco..... All of the above. There are very few small isps around, most of which are available in less populated parts of ontario. It would probably be a good idea to research what's available to you in your region and see if there are any smaller isps that offer better packages. 

Yes, i have rogers and they throttle like crap. Also they always bill me wrong. I think ill try bell but dont sgin a contract :)

Well, expect a lot of head ache from there customer service. Even though I'm with bell now, I'll likely move to TekSavyy, which with luck is available in my rural area.


I'm using bell right now, its really terrible. Unfortunately I don't know anything about the quality of other ISPs, but bell definitely throttles your internet. I am on the cheapest plan of 5mbps down, but I only get 2-3 down.... I will definitely switch soon.

best of luck from ottawa :)

Looks like TekSavvy has really good deals for the money, but terrible customer service and having someone set up your connection can be a pain. There's just no winning.

But 50 bucks for 300gbs per month?.... Almost outweighs the cons

Yeah, reason they have bad customer service is that they have to rely on the big companies for repairing the infrastructure, and smaller companies have less customer service infrastructure. I mean, for a small company to have bad customer service is understandable. But for a big company like Bell to have bad customer service is just pathetic, in my mind.

I'm going to say bell and here is why:

Tecksavy(& any other small reseller) is a reseller of Bell, on Bells infastructure and throttles worse then anyone. They also use Bells old modems/routers that time out constatly. Teksavy has to be the worst in the area.

 Rogers is over priced and it's common to be billed more then you should be. They throttle too.

I've always gotten what I've payed for with bell. Right now I'm paying for 5down/1up and am getting any where from 5-9 down and a steady 1 up. This is also with very low ping. So basicly I'm getting more download speed then I'm paying for. I have to say I've never had a bad CS expereince with Bell yet either, could be luck on my end though.

I also happen to know that within the next 4 or 5 months bell is going to be expanding their fibre to all of Ontario and Quebec households. They already have the fibre wire run and are waiting on upgrades to their servers to handel the new load. I like Bells unlimited usage now too, as my household is averaging around 350-400Gigs a month in usage


I've been more then happy with Bell and cant wait to get Fibre when they roll it out.

I'm using Primus. Running on DSL, but they have fibre lines going through the area soon ! Pay like $30 for unlimited usage, and when the fibre comes in, its $10 extra. Cant go wrong, check it out !