What is the best Cherry MX for people that have never used one?

I was planning on getting a mechanical keyboard, but don't know which switch to get. I just have never used one, I figured browns would be a good start, or what is the best switch for me?

Also, I will be doing some typing (not much) and mostly gaming.



arguably; Browns or reds are best for gaming, blues or greens are best for typing.

Browns is generally the best start.  I started with blues due to a great deal and budget reasons.  I play FPSs just fine on blues, but I'm a button masher, and my typing and whatnot is quite "deliberate".

for a first mech keyboard? Probably browns or reds. the gif linked above has a pretty good representation of it.

but the best thing to do it go out and try some. Do you have a fry's or microcenter near you? heck do you have a gamer friend with one?

Sadly, I have no people to try with any switches or any stores that would carry them (at least not on display)