What is the BEST AMD CPU

For overclocking, performance and generalness the AMD FX 8350 is the best. However if you are looking for a performance cpu, you should be looking at an intel i7 3770k.


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there is no such thing as 'best' for computer components, especially cpus. it greatly depends on the budget.

some are great for buget workstations, but are out performed at the pricepoint for gaming by other cpus. (fx-8350)

some are great for a budget rig that inherits a gfx card, or has a budget below intel, but still allows for a good gfx card. (fx-4300 or 6300)

lastly, the FM-2 apu's are the best for low-budget gaming rigs. (a10-5800k or trinity a6)


the llano/zambezi(bulldozer) processors are outclassed by trinity/vishera(piledriver), and I wouldn't buy a bulldozer pross nowadays. 

athlons are obsolete, phenoms might have a few uses, but they're old aswell



i7 is wasted money for gaming rigs. 

you gotta look at budget and application