What is something GOOD to do with this?

Saw L1 C64 vidy, loved it (lived it…where I started hac… modding ; ) Ah, GCR coded disks and defeating copy protection…). I remember I made a lever with indicator on 1 of my 1541’s so I could follow the track loading and compare with a copy. Narrowed down the search and I could find and redirect in short order! Lol…fast 1 mhz 6502 and single sided 5 1/4 floppies!

So What something GOOD i can do with this so other can enjoy too?

" I still have Amiga with about 700 floppies… what is a good use for them? Had C64, C128, A500, A2000 (which I still have with a 28mhz cpu board… I think)"


Here are some options:

  • Keep as closely to original as possible.
  • Gut it and turn it into a sleeper-PC, mITX boards may be suitable
  • Use a Raspberry Pi 4 instead of x86
  • Donate to a (local) computer museum


PS: Welcome! :slight_smile:

If you are familiar with the LGR channel, you could donate it to him and he would likely make a video about it. If you are not familiar with his channel I suggest taking a look. He does a lot of videos about retro-tech, classic computer gaming, old technology oddware, etc. A lot of the videos he makes are sort of a video record which chronicles old technology.