What is on your summer reading list?

Today I picked up a couple of books to read in my vacation!
It is a kind of diverse list but I picked up:
-The Boy Who Could Change The World | The Writings of Aaron Swartz
-The Book Thief - Markus Zusak
-What To Think About Machines That Think | Today's Leading Thinkers on the Age of Machine Intelligence
-Fantastisch! - Kris Verbrugh (It's a Dutch book about the origin of the universe, life and what it means to be human)
- The Catcher in The Rye - J.D Salinger (Got it a little while back and just finished it)

What are you gonna read this summer and do you have any recommendations?

All book titles are German, I am not aware of any translations.
All writen by Bernhard Hennen
Drachenelfen (89% done) [translation: dragonelves]
Drachenelfen - Die Windgängerin [translation: the windwakeres]
Drachenelfen - Die gefesselte Göttin [translation: the bound goddess]
Drachenelfen - Die letzten Eiskrieger [translation: the last ice warriors]
and last but not least:
Drachenelfen - Himmel in Flammen [[translation ky in flames]

In case you like fantasy. The first ever book by Hennen I read was "Die Elfen" which translates to "The Elven" and it is available in English!

Intimate Rivals: Japanese Domestic Politics and a Rising China. By, Sheila A. Smith
3.11 Disaster and Change in Japan By, Richard J. Samuels

company town - madeline ashby

Brandon Sanderson - Words of Radiance
Jared Diamond - Guns, Gers, and Steel
Bjarne Stroustroup - The C++ Programming Language

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